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SINGLESIDED SWINGARM – is a motorcycle website dedicated to long distance motorcycle riding, adventure travel, gear reviews and opinion.  Founded in 2008 by Eric Yohe, the owner and editor.  Singlesided Swingarm is an honest take on my adventures over more than 60,000 miles of adventure travel.  I’ve ridden from Vermont to the coast of Oregon and from Napa Valley to Key West – and everywhere in between.

The United States is a big, beautiful playground and I explore it whenever I get the chance.  Ride along with me in the Ride Reports section.   In words and pictures – a narrative of my travels.

In the Gear Review section read honest, un-biased (well, occasionally) reviews and long-term tests of everything from helmets, jackets, gloves, boots, etc.

Tech – is exactly that – installation and reviews of products to help you ride faster, longer or improve your motorcycle.

Motorcycle Reviews – cover new and exciting models and wherever possible offer actual test ride reviews.

Opinion – is where we grind an axe, spew forth opinion, rant and rave, and whatever else strikes our fancy.

Completely off topic – Cigar Reviews. Why?  Because I like cigars and wanted to share my thoughts and impressions of a variety of brands and blends.

I encourage you to explore the site and use it as a resource or source of inspiration for your next trip!


We welcome any and all advertising and would be interested in discussing rates and how we can drive traffic to your website or promote your products and services.  Our reader/demographic data is compelling and global.  A complete media kit can be provided to interested parties upon request.


Singlesided Swingarm


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