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Snow, Schmow! / READY FOR SUMMER and AVO Special Toro (6×60) Review

December 10, 2013


Last night I was hanging out in Branford Cigar (in Branford, CT) and it occurred to me that I’ve had enough winter.  Let’s just get through Christmas and get back to mid-70’s and sunny days.  Enough schlepping through the snow, scraping ice off the car, snow tires, ice covered roads, and worst off all – the idiots on local news who hyperventilate at the horror of perceptible snowfall.  Less than an INCH of snow is enough to cancel school, send plow trucks roaring through my neighborhood, and practically scramble the National Guard. 


We live in the age of absolutely zero ability to DIY DO IT YOURSELF.  Run out of wiper wash fluid in the car – YOU WILL DIE.  Run out of coffee for your Starbucks single serve machine – YOU WILL DIE, can’t find someone to shovel your driveway? – What else – YOU WILL DIE.  

Sheesh, when I was a kid they never cancelled school unless there was an honest to god Nor’easter.  We shoveled the driveway ourselves – snowplow or blower – are you freaking kidding me?  I drove a 1971 Trans Am Formula with a set of completely bald Dunlop tires through the worst snowstorms imaginable having the time of my life. 

People today are completely and utterly helpless.  If they can’t download an app, call a repair person or re-boot the computer they are helpless.  What’s under the hood of their car – they don’t know.  Change a tire? No chance.  Figure out how to cook during a power outage? (and they have a Weber Genesis Gold on the deck) no chance. 

America was a country of get it done individuals.  That’s why we have always out thought, out fought and generally kicked the world’s ass.  It worries me when I wander the toy racks in department stores searching for glue together models, and paint.  Toy models are excellent learning tools.  They involve razor sharp knives, glue, paint and skill.  You can cut yourself, ruin your clothes, ruin countertops, glue your fingers together and destroy carpeting.  You cut yourself – it hurts and bleeds.  You get glue on Mom’s carpet and you get your ass kicked – you get the idea.  Learning with consequences. 

I drive a German engineered Audi with Quattro all wheel drive, traction control, stability management, adjustable ride height, skid plates, air bags and two fancy cup holders.  And, just about everyone I know has either four wheel drive or front wheel drive.  Cars and tires are better than they have ever been…………… 

Yet we live in a society of asshats.  It rains, cancel the event.  It snows, call out the National Guard, windy?  call FEMA.  Sweet tiny baby Jesus, when will it all end?  They cancelled school today for less than an inch of snow. 

Thank god the survival bunker is loaded with Diet Coke, Woodford Reserve, Blanton’s, and several boxes of cigars……………..

Anyway, let’s get to the subject at hand – the AVO Heritage Special Toro 


Wrapper Color: Medium Brown / EMS

Packaging: Box of 20

Binder: Dominican Republic

Origin: Dominican Republic

Wrapper Type: Ecuador Special Sun Grown

Length: 6.00

Filler: Dominican Republic

Ring: 60

Strength: Full

Shape: Parejo

This was my second cigar of the evening last night.  The first was an Olivia V Double Toro which was excellent.  The Olivia is a consistent smoke and one of my two “go to” cigars in the Humidor.  At $10.00 or more for the size cigar I like (6×60) making a poor cigar choice can ruin your whole day.  So when I’m wandering the walk in, I take my time.  The Avo looked good and I had not smoked one in ages.  I’m running out of review time (having wasted the details of the review on ranting and raving about weather and the general helplessness of Americans these days).

Quick Review Notes:

Construction: Flawless.

Price: D-  More than $10.00 hurts especially considering the following press release from AVO:

“The AVO Heritage ‘Special Toro’ is a very exciting addition to the AVO brand,” states Scott Kolesaire, AVO Brand Manager. “In response to the requests, we have created the first ever 6” x 60 cigar to bear the AVO name. With an SRP of $9.80 per cigar, ‘Special Toro’ rounds out the AVO Heritage line perfectly, offering a size for everyone, all priced under $10.00.”

Cap/Cut – Perfect.

Draw – Perfect.

Consistency – Perfect.

Daily Smoke? – Not at that price, make it 9.80 and absolutely.

Buy a box? – Absolutely.  From a quick internet search they can be hard to find, but available at under $170.00 per box.

If you like 6×60 size cigars, this is a must try.  Fantastic. 

Gotta run, the National Guard is evacuating the area due to the 1/16” of snowfall………

Until next time, THINK SUMMER!

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  1. James O. Springate permalink
    December 10, 2013 10:35 am

    Thank you for drinking Woodford Reserve. It is made in my hometown of Versailles, Woodford County, KY. I prefer Russell’s Reserve made in the next county over, but WR is good stuff. I sure hope you aren’t ruining it with diet Coke.

    • December 11, 2013 5:27 pm

      Coke? Hell no. Even ice makes me worried! I’m really liking Rowans Creek.

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