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RIDE REPORT / 2009 Archives–Findlay, OH to Table Rock Lake, MO

November 22, 2013


April 4, 2009 – 740 miles


I checked into a motel (no notes on which one), and wandered around the local area looking for dinner.  Across the parking lot was a nondescript Mexican restaurant.  I ordered dinner (can’t remember what) and had a few shots of tequila to calm my nerves.  For the last two days I had not really spoken to anyone except gas station attendants, hotel clerks and fast food order takers.  Some adventure.

The only interesting thing I remember about Findlay, Ohio is that it is called “Flag City USA”.  In the 1960’s John Cooke moved to town and decided that every house in Findlay should fly the flag on Flag Day (June 14).   His efforts paid off.  More than 14,000 flags went up.  Everyone in town had a flag!  Congress declared Findlay “Flag City USA” officially on May 7, 1974.  One man with a dream.  Nice work Mr. Cooke.

The next morning I re-packed the bike and hit the road.  I rode for about an hour East then rolled onto I-75 South.  I picked up I-44 west through Indianapolis and then through St. Louis.  It was thrilling to see the St. Louis Arch from the seat of my motorcycle.

At Springfield, MO I turned south again On US Route 65 and after a while hit US 13 into Kimberling City, MO.  I’ve ridden the St. Louis to Lampe ride many times.  It’s boring with a capital B.  But heading north to south there ain’t many choices.  It’s best to try to enjoy the scenery and keep your speed in check as there are zillions of state troopers looking to write tickets. 

The Aprilia Futura had been absolutely flawless so far.  As far as a long distance touring motorcycle, I don’t think you could ask for a better machine.  It was comfortable, dependable, and easy to ride.  The saddle is called the best motorcycle seat ever put on a motorcycle – I absolutely agree with that.

This was my longest day in the saddle so far – over 700 miles.  I was tired and stiff when I rolled into my parents driveway that evening.  Hopefully, the next part of the trip would offer more interesting scenery. 

NEXT: Lampe, MO to Nacogdoches, TX



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