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RIDE REPORT / Syracuse, NY to Findlay, OH– never posted ride reports from 2009

November 21, 2013

NOTE: I went through my ride journal and found places during my early trips I had not written about.  So, four years later, I’m catching up.  Also, I’m working on updating the Trip Report order (it’s all messed up) and finally launching the new website.



May 2, 2009 / Syracuse, NY

I woke up in the Red Roof to improved weather.  The soaking I received the night before left me wondering if I was cut out for long distance motorcycle riding.  But what the hell, I figured I’d keep riding and see what would happen. 

The weather this morning was better with some sun peeking out of the clouds.  I put the panniers back on the Futura, zipped up my jacket and gloves and punched the starter button.  The bike rumbled to life and I headed towards the interstate.

Heading out of Syracuse, I rode I-90 West along the shores of Lake Erie.  This is one of the most boring sections of interstate in the country.  It’s flat, straight and dull.  Through New York State, Pennsylvania, and into Ohio.  I hate this ride like poison.

Mile after mile.  Complete and utter boredom.  Trust me, if you suddenly decide to go on a cross country motorcycle ride leave I-90 OFF your agenda.  There are so many other excellent choices for East to West rides (I-76 to I-70 or I-68 to I 64 are just a few examples).  The only interesting thing that day was a standing cloud of bugs.  Zipping  along at 80 MPH I noticed a slight change to the road ahead.  It got “darker” then I was in it.  A virtual standing wall of bugs splattered into the windshield, headlight, my shoulders, helmet and face – before I was able to slap the visor shut.  Why there?  Who knows. Made for an interesting couple of seconds and a bloody, nasty clean up when I stopped for more fuel.

Visited my first Steak n’ Shake later in the day.  What a great place.  The burgers are fantastic.  It’s an interesting chain.  Founded in 1934 in Normal, Illinois buy Gus Belt.  Too funny, “Gus from Normal”.  It’s like a diner with the prices of fast food.  If you get a chance on your next ride – stop for a burger.  Unfortunately, where I live now the nearest Steak n’ Shake is 80 miles away in New Jersey.


Somehow I allowed myself to be re-directed north-west rather than south towards Columbus, OH.  Seventy five miles out of the way in the wrong direction.  I rode into Findlay,Ohio shouting into my helmet.  I bitterly cursed the horrible technology and lack of proper guidance. How could those idiots at Sony produce such a rubbish GPS? What were they thinking?  Assholes!  This, of course, was entirely my fault.  Lack of direction, general retardation on where Missouri was in relation to my current location, and dependence on a plastic idiot box mounted to the bike. As if on command from a higher authority, and although the sun was shining, it began to rain – and rain hard.

So I stood there, not even trying to get rain gear on, cursing the GPS.  It would be another night in a hotel.  This was not my idea of a travel adventure.  I’d seen nothing, met no one, eaten nothing but fast food and gotten lost on a major interstate highway.  Fantastic. Hopefully the next day would be better.

NEXT: Findlay, OH to Lampe, MO


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