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CIGAR REVIEW / Flor de las Antillas Toro

November 5, 2013

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Rated by Cigar Aficionado as 2012’s “Cigar of the Year”   The Editors say The standout of the four-size brand is the Toro, which has a gentle, rounded box press and a beautiful and evenly colored wrapper. The smokes are delicious from the first puff, with notes of nutmeg, white pepper and just enough strength without being overpowering. They are hard to put down. They are classics, 96-point smokes on our 100-point scale”


That sounded good enough for me and at between $7.00 and $8.00 a cigar it’s a great price.  I recently had an opportunity to visit Delaware Cigars located in Peoples Plaza shopping center, Bear, Delaware to find this cigar.  WOW!  This place is absolutely loaded to the brim with high quality, hard to find cigars.  It’s loaded from floor to ceiling with more cigars than I’ve seen in years!  The only place that could compare would be the old JR Cigars at the bottom of Wall Street in New York.

I wandered around dumfounded.  I was amazed by the huge selection.  Clutching a handful of cigars, I routinely put one back in the original box and selected another.  This went on for almost an hour.  Normally, I’m a point and shoot kind of cigar guy.  I’m in and out of the humidor in five minutes.  This place just kept impressing me with the huge variety and selection of brands.

Perhaps the most impressive thing was the surprise of finding an absolutely massive, almost bursting at the seams, humidor in an unassuming strip mall.  In my experience, places like these sell mostly flavored cigars, lottery tickets, loose tobacco, rolling paper, incense, you know, crap like that. 


Anyway, they had the brand but the box was empty.  Who cares!  The store was so jammed full I got an Undercrown (review coming) and a few others.  So, if you are in Delaware visit Delaware Cigars. It’s an Aladdin’s Cave of cigars.

Back to the review of Flor de las Antillas cigars………….

I finally found the cigars later that week in a local Connecticut cigar shop.  I decided to skip the smaller toro size and go with a larger Toro Gordo (6.5×56) size.  It was a great smoke but not something that I felt deserved a 96 rating.  This brings up an interesting question.  If the BLENDS are the same – same binder, wrapper, filler, and the cigars are ROLLED by the same people at the SAME time in the SAME factory – is ONE size a better smoke than another?

If we were talking about an Aging Room M356 cigar I’d say no.  They all smoke about the same (excellent).  In the case of the Flora Toro it’s not.






After smoking the Toro Gordo (6 1/2" x 56),  I bought a few Toro’s (6" x 52).  THIS is the cigar that deserved that CA 96 rating!  Simply amazing.  From start to finish it was a delight.  In particular, the last three inches or so was just fantastic.  Sinewy, lubricated smoke. 

As I’ve said before, I don’t really describe my cigar smoking experiences as they relate to food – “hints of licorice, chocolate, toasted nutmeg, bubble gum, honey, beef jerky, whatever.  After more than 20 years of smoking my palate or vocabulary is unable to describe a cigar in those terms.  I either like it or I don’t.  It either smokes well or it does not.  It smokes HOT or it does not. Yada, yada, yada.

In my opinion, the Flor de las Antillas Toro is every bit as good as it’s rated by Cigar Aficionado.

Also, more and more, I seem to be drifting toward cigars that are Puros (wrapper, filler, binder, etc.) all sourced in the same country.  Most of the highly rated small batch blends seem to be leaning in that direction.  The Aging Room M365 Major is all Dominican, the Flor de las Antillas is all Honduran. 







MADE BY: Tabacalera Cubana S.A.



WRAPPER: Nicaragua

BINDER: Nicaragua

FILLER: Nicaragua



PRICE: $6.90











Verdict?  Worth every penny and a seal at $7.00 or less.  Go grab a box!


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