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GEAR REVIEW / essential hoodie

October 17, 2013



Studies by the long distance riding organization The Iron But Association (IBAIron Butt Association).  Indicate that most long distance riders hit their maximum mileage during the first three days of the trip.  After that they fall off on their riding distances significantly. 


Mostly its from fatigue and stress.  Riding from dawn to dusk day after day is not easy.  Toss in weather, traffic, varying temperatures and the strain of intense concentration and you get burned out. Camping and/or sleeping in strange beds also adds to fatigue. 

My favorite piece of gear (next to a good travel pillow) is a hoodie sweatshirt. 

I find that my upper torso takes quite a beating – mostly from the wind and somewhat from the helmet.  After a long day in the saddle, I usually setup camp or check in to a hotel, take a long shower, hydrate (super important) and just before I hit the sack, put on my trusty hoodie sweatshirt with the hood pulled over my head. 

I tend to wake up refreshed and with significantly less pain the next morning.  I’m guessing the hoodie keeps my head, neck and shoulders warm.  Whatever it is, it’s worked for more than 40,000 miles. 

My particular hoodie is not bulky and although I normally am a size XL, I chose a large.

I like something that is close fitting and easy to pack.  I bought this particular hoodie in Crested Butte Colorado at the famous local hangout “The Secret Stash”  Located at 303 Elk Avenue in Crested Butte, the Stash serves some of the most distinctive Pizza on the planet.  303 is a new location and I’ll really miss the old funky building.  If you visit the Butte, get yourself to the Stash!

Like I said, a hoodie is an essential part of my gear.  I take one with me on every trip and use it every night to combat LDRF – what’s that?  Long Distance Rider Fatigue.  Sweet! I just made that up!

Wearing mine in Santa Fe, New Mexico


Monterey, California


Mt. Rushmore/Sturgis, SD


Like I said, I love my hoodie.  If you don’t pack one – try it and let me know how it works!

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