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October 9, 2013


Lordy, lordy, can I get an Amen from the brotherhood?  Going into the third week of “biker attack madness” we have undercover cops being arrested, a hulking hoodie clad felon giving us a “double fuck you” salute, and an undiminished media frenzy. 

The issue here is honesty.  Honest in the fact that almost everything printed about these bikerz is largely true.  These clubz have a long history of doing whatever they they want regardless of traffic laws, common sense and respect for other drivers or riders.  They hoon around doing burnouts, wheelies, cutting drivers off, and passing cars in situations where even the most crazed, meth addled, TNT wrapped jihadi would never dare.  

Take issue with their behavior, or god forbid, try to stop it and the entire pack of bikerz will descend en masse, and, at best, vandalize your car, at worst, provide a police sponsored, biblical beating like the Range Rover guy. 

How to stop this behavior? Simple.  EDUCATION and PUNISHMENT.  Like I said before, it’s not impossible to round up these idiots  – A couple of traffic barriers and a hundred or so riot gear clad police and dogs.  Fire hoses, tear gas, rubber bullets, stop sticks, you get the idea.  Bring heavy construction equipment in and serve immediate justice.  By confiscating and immediately crushing each and every participants ATV, bike, scooter, whatever,  the authorities can send a message that is clear and understood by even the most sherm addled boyzzzzzzzzzzz.  Yank off all that Icon, Speed and Strength and Joe Rocket gear and send them off wearing bright blue or orange Snuggies.

Education.  Permanently suspend every participants motor vehicle license FOREVER.  Or, until they complete a MSF Safe Rider course and keep them on probation for a decade.  I’m not saying that bike rallies are inherently unsafe – look at Laconia, Americade, Daytona, Sturgis, the BMW MOA National Rally,etc.  Bike weeks and rallies are great fun and largely safe. 


It’s PACKS of bikers running wild that are the problem.  Stop them and this all goes away.  That’s my shouting from a stack of bibles for today.  Now if you will excuse me, I’m headed out for a handful of illegal high speed oncoming lane passes and school zone burnouts………

TODAY’S GRABS FROM THE MEDIA FRENZY.  We just looooooooooooove the NY Post’s continuing coverage.

Bikers have long history of terrorizing motorists

Disturbing video footage posted by biker packs on YouTube shows them pulling dangerous stunts everywhere from city highways to Times Square.

The packs usually involve hundreds of riders and include bikers standing on top of their motorcycle seats while popping wheelies speeding down the highway, menacing other drivers and halting traffic. They’re on regular motorcycles, souped-up ATVs and dirt bikes.

In one video, dozens of cyclists surround a car at an intersection and appear to be threatening its driver, with one of the riders going up to the vehicle’s passenger-side front window and punching it. The group then speeds off.

Several other postings feature footage from a 2011 Halloween ride through Times Square, with bikers in costumes tearing through the streets. At least some of the video was posted by Hollywood Stuntz, the group that organized the Sept. 29 ride in the city that wound up with a Manhattan driver being beaten to a pulp and four bikers busted so far.

NYPD releases new images of wanted bikers

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The NYPD on Tuesday released photos of four more bikers wanted in the assault on a Manhattan driver last week.

They include a dreadlocked motor head who was caught on video wearing a red, white and black jacket, black pants and a helmet covered in stickers.

Another man was wearing a long-sleeve, dark-blue shirt and blue pants. He appeared to be banging his helmet against the rear passenger-side window of the Range Rover belonging to Alexian Lien, who was beaten to a pulp by the biker mob in a road-rage attack.

His helmet was white and metallic blue.

A third biker was wearing a distinctive black and white jacket featuring the word RedBull across the back along with two bulls butting heads. He also had a red and white Esso patch on the jacket’s right arm and a green, white and black bandana around his neck.

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The 4th biker police are seeking.

The fourth man was wearing a black jacket with a white and black emblem on the back featuring a red star. He wore a yellow watch looped onto the back of his belt.

Cops are urging anyone with information about the men to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477), submit tips on the Crime Stoppers Web site or text tips to 274637 (CRIMES), then enter TIP577.


Undercover cop charged in SUV attack


An undercover NYPD cop paid to “serve and protect” was arrested Tuesday for terrorizing a Manhattan family by smashing out their SUV’s rear window during a horrifying biker gang beatdown off the West Side Highway, authorities said.

Wojciech Braszczok, 32, was publicly identified by his bosses — to whom he allegedly lied when he claimed he had nothing to do with the heinous Sept. 29 attack. Video evidence showed he shattered the window with his gloved hand.

Braszczok surrendered with his lawyer at Central Booking and was charged with rioting and criminal mischief — and he could face up to seven years in prison, sources said.

Authorities wanted to nail Braszczok, a 10-year veteran, on stiffer charges, such as gang assault, but weren’t convinced the charges would stick, sources said.

Braszczok told authorities that he pulled up toward the end of the beating, leaving him no time to help victim Alexian Lien or his terrified wife and 2-year-old daughter in the SUV, sources said.

The cop also said he feared for his life if he blew his cover in any way — but law-enforcement sources scoffed at the claim. He works undercover narcotics, but is on assignment with the NYPD’s Intelligence Division and wasn’t on the clock at the time.

“He totally lied when he said he did nothing because he didn’t want to blow his cover,’’ a law-enforcement source seethed.

Braszczok acted suspiciously from the start, sources said — not even telling his superiors that he was on the ride until three days after the attack.

If he caused $1,500 or more in damage to Lien’s car, Braszczok faces a D felony, which carries up to seven years. The Range Rover’s rear window costs $1,730.

For a gang-assault charge to stick, prosecutors would have to prove that he intended to cause serious physical injury.

But Braszczok didn’t touch Lien, the sources acknowledged.

And while Lien’s toddler was in the back seat when the cop smashed the SUV’s glass, the windows were tinted — so he could argue that he didn’t know she was there, the sources said.

Late Tuesday, a source close to Braszczok defended him, claiming the window was already broken when he hit it.

“What is he going to be charged, with, breaking a broken window?” the source asked.

Braszczok, who had already been placed on modified duty and stripped of his gun and badge, has now been suspended without pay or benefits for at least 30 days, sources said.


In addition to Braszczok, a sixth biker was charged Tuesday in the brutal beatdown.

Clinton Caldwell, 32, of Brooklyn, was charged with gang assault after he was seen on video beating Lien, sources said.

Another cop, already-disgraced Detective Samir Gonsalves, was on the ride but not near the scene at the time, sources said.

Gonsalves, 34, is a nine-year veteran who was stripped of his gun and badge and demoted from narcotics to Brooklyn courts in August, following his arrest for allegedly beating up his Queens prosecutor girlfriend, Jacqueline Rizk, sources said.

The latest arrests came as another biker who allegedly helped in the attack was ordered held in lieu of $100,000 bail.

Craig Wright, 29, of Brooklyn is seen on video not even waiting for the 33-year-old Lien to be dragged from his car before allegedly beating him. Wright punched Lien through his shattered driver’s-side window, then repeatedly stomped on him once he was tossed to the ground, officials said.

Wright was partly ID’d by a “No. 13’’ logo on his jacket, authorities said.

His lawyer proclaimed his client’s innocence.

But prosecutor Samantha Turino said, “This defendant is on video stomping [Lien] at least three times.”

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  1. motorant permalink
    October 9, 2013 9:39 am

    Unfortunately some cops will see this as an invitation to indiscrimminately harass riders. The last thing we need is for them to look at any group of riders, some who might ride a little fast, as hardened law breakers. Training quality officers who don’t see the general public as the enemy is a good place to start.

    When faced with an unruly group like these bozos a couple of spike strips all the way across the road would slow them down. Impoundment and legal action would keep things on the up and up and protect those who were not part of the problem.

    • October 17, 2013 9:57 am

      Yeah, there is bound to be some collateral damage to other riders. BUT – I think these jerks were long in need of a “correction” by the authorities.

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