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OPINION – biker shows remorse………….NOT!

October 7, 2013


The media seems to absolutely love this story.  Both CNN and The NY Post can’t get enough.  I love the “Inside the biker gang culture” story over on CNN.  This is perhaps the most un-informed point of view on the planet.  The “biker” Dennis Cardwell who “no longer rides cause it’s too dangerous” offers an informed discussion on the same information dissemination level of either an infant or a tree sloth.  Rather than taking heads and “experts” making this a media/ratings event – what we really need is:

  • The NYPD to CONTROL events like this.  Just look at YouTube – there are dozens of “ridez” videos in NYC, etc,. and virtually all involve mayhem and violence.  Contrary to lame excuses offered by the NYPD it’s not that hard to corral a hundred or so bikers and arrest EVERYONE.
  • Make examples of each and every biker involved in the attack.  I’m talking about serious charges and equally serious jail time.
  • Impound every single participants motorcycle and make every single rider complete a MSF Safe Rider Course.  After that, put them on probation for 10 years. 

You want results?  We need the media to stop talking about it and officials to enact changes to make punishment immediate and meaningful.

More from The New York Post below:

Biker thug caught prison break from soft judge

The motor psycho charged with starting the biker-mob attack that left a young Manhattan dad beaten to a pulp flipped off photographers in court Sunday — as it emerged that earlier this year, he caught a break from a judge.

Career criminal Reginald Chance, 37, extended both middle fingers as he was hauled into Manhattan Criminal Court on gang-assault and other charges tied to the Sept. 29 beatdown of Alexian Lien.

Chance’s lawyer said he wouldn’t challenge allegations his client was caught on video using his chrome helmet to smash a window of Lien’s Range Rover in front of the victim’s wife and 2-year-old daughter.

Modal TriggerBut defense lawyer Gregory Watts bizarrely insisted that Chance’s rage was justified, given that Lien had just run over another biker while trying to flee the gang of motorcyclists.

“It is entirely reasonable to try and identify the driver after a motor-vehicle accident,” Watts said.

The lawyer also said the assault case was trumped up, because Lien, who received stitches to his face, never had to be hospitalized.

Chance — who has 21 prior arrests for charges ranging from drugs to robbery to gun possession — was ordered held in lieu $100,000 bond or $75,000 cash.

Records reveal junk justice left him free to raise hell after an April drug deal near a Brooklyn school. Chance had allegedly sold cocaine through a middleman to an undercover cop in Bed-Stuy. A warrant was later executed on an apartment Chance was in and turned up cocaine, pot and a loaded handgun.

Chance was busted and hit with gun and drug raps and faced more than 25 years’ prison.

But Brooklyn prosecutors dropped the gun rap when Chance was indicted. A source said the charge was weakened by the fact that Chance — who allegedly admitted the pistol was his — had not been the target of the search for the gun.

Under a sweetheart plea bargain overseen by Brooklyn Criminal Court Judge Suzanne Mondo, all the remaining felony drug charges against Chance were also dropped.

He wound up with a one-year conditional discharge for misdemeanor pot possession and was given 20 days of community service.

Chance also received a six-month suspension of his driver’s license — which cops say he ignored when he joined in last week’s 300-biker Hollywood Stuntz ride that ended with the attack on Lien.

Chance was so brazen that he even breezed into court the day after the attack — before being linked to the beatdown — to tell Mondo he had been staying out of trouble, court records show.

Mondo didn’t return a request for comment, but a court spokesman said, “It is quite possible that this was a negotiated plea with the District Attorney’s Office.”

The Brooklyn DA’s Office declined to comment.

At Chance’s arraignment, his lawyer insisted that his client had nothing to do with the actual attack on Lien.

“After the window was smashed, he got on his motorcycle and left,” Watts said. “There are still photographs that confirm he was not there during the assault.”

Biker beatdown was 6-on-1 attack

One biker shattered the Range Rover’s window, then five or six more dragged the driver out, pummeling his head and body with fists, boots and helmets.

A week after a rampaging motorcycle gang’s stunning caught-on-video attack on an Internet exec and his family, Manhattan prosecutors have released the first blow-by-blow account based on newly-surfaced cell phone camera footage and photos.

As many as six bikers preyed on victim dad Alexian Lien, kicking him in the head even as he tried to crawl to safety, prosecutors said as the first of the accused fist-swingers, Robert Sims, 35, of Brooklyn, was arraigned in Manhattan Criminal Court Saturday night on charges of gang assault and felony assault.

Sims was identified on video and photographs by his distinctive black leather jacket, grey backpack, his helmet, which featured the number, “78,” and his grey and white sneakers — which prosecutors say Sims used to kick the cowering dad’s head and body.

“The defendant is clearly seen stomping on [Lien’s] head,” assistant district attorney Joshua Steinglass told Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Diana Boyar, who set a whopping $100,000 cash bail.

Sims — whose rap sheet includes a 2002 bust for car theft, and gun possession, drug possession and samauri sword possession in 1998, according to sources — has admitted he’s been caught on camera, the prosecutor said.

His lawyer, Luther Williams, insisted his client is innocent and said the bikers only went after Lien to prevent him from leaving the scene after striking one of the other bikers with his Rover.

Sims is also charged with weapons possession. Prosecutors did not name the weapon, but Williams speculated that officials mean his client’s helmet.

“What weapon? Unless they are suggesting the helmets are weapons,” Williams said.

Meanwhile, a source close to the case told The Post that the off-duty NYPD undercover detective who stood by Lien was attacked — and who only came forward Wednesday — is insisting that the violence broke with blinding speed, and that he believed blowing his cover could endanger his own life.

“It all happened so fast,” said the source, who talked directly to the undercover and spoke to The Post on the condition of anonymity. “It wasn’t apparent what was happening till the very end — then it was a feeding frenzy.”

Added Detectives Endowment Association president Michael Palladino, “Leading a double life is not easy for undercovers.”

Palladino pointed to the case of Detective Gescard Isnora, the undercover cop who blew his own cover and fired the first shot in the 50-bullet fusillade that killed Sean Bell outside a Queens strip club in 2006.

“Detective Isnora was on-duty and got fired for stepping out of his undercover role,” Palladino said. “This undercover was off-duty and has every reason to expect the same if something goes wrong.”

The motorcycle-loving undercover — whose work is being described as dangerous and “deep undercover” — had joined last Sunday’s 300-rider rally, and admits watching and doing nothing as Lien was attacked in front of his wife and 2-year-old daughter near 178th Street.

The undercover has had his badge and gun yanked and remains under departmental investigation after only coming forward as a witness on Wednesday night.

A second cop was along for the ride, multiple sources have said, and is also under departmental investigation after coming forward only days after the incident.

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