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OPINION / mayhem in NYC

October 3, 2013

10/4/2013 (Updated info below – now the Hells Angels are offering their informed advice…..) By now most of you will have seen and read about the Range Rover/Biker incident in NYC last week.   If you watch any of the videos it’s instantly obvious that these idiots were looking for trouble.  If you have ever spent time at a motorcycle event where these clubs congregate it’s impossible to deny that these fools are looking for trouble, riding idiotically, and generally doing whatever they want with zero regard for others.

Trying to “brake check” a 5,700 LB Range Rover Sport with your tricked out STUNTZ motorcycle is stupid. 

Let’s put responsibility where it belongs – it was the RIDERS FAULT.   From there, the mayhem spiraled out of control and you have a critically injured motorcycle STUNTZ jackass, a beaten driver and terrorized family, and people world-wide thinking that motorcyclists are crazed vandals.   Thanks Hollywood Stuntz!

Biker At Start Of Terrifying Range Rover Attack Arrested [UPDATE]

That Hollywood Stuntz think they can just “shut down” entire highways for stuntz shows is hopefully, a small look into the pea sized brains of these morons.  Consider this.  Someone with less restraint, could have used that Range Rover to kill a significant number of the Hollywood Stuntz crew. 

A 5,700 LB vehicle, is extremely capable of subjecting motorcyclists to a very bad day.  Instead of three or four injured, there could be a dozen or more dead or dying.   Just look at the video below.  The guy on the dirt bike is riding INTO ONCOMING TRAFFIC!  BETWEEN ONCOMING CARS!

What more proof do you need?  I hope these idiots realize how lucky they were to escape this incident with their lives.  Look at the animation on the lower top right panel – see that group of bikers?  That Rover could have made it a very, very bad day for them. 

To potential Hollywood Stuntz members – take our sage advice, and follow these suggestions:

  • Stay in school and learn English.  Most words like ‘stunt” are not improved by the addition of a “z” (e.g. Stunts becomes "STUNTZ or Biker becomes BIKAZZZZ
  • Take a MSF Safe Rider Course.  You will of course, have to buy protective gear and learn the use of those mysterious controls (turn signals, brake levers, etc.).
  • Chrome Nazi helmets?  Really?  Do you actually think those are cool?
  • A vest back protector, bought on closeout at the local M/C shop won’t do much to protect your arms, shoulders, etc.  You will however, look cool “reprezzzenting at da local crewe night boyzzzzzzzzzzzz”
  • See the second suggestion again.  The injured fella in the photos above does not have a valid motor vehicle license and has never earned a motorcycle license.
  • Learn the meaning of AGAT.

Want more proof?  Check out more deleted videos from the Hollywood Stuntz Crew":


Hells Angels rip biker’s highway beatdown

Even the Hells Angels are appalled by a motorcycle gang’s savage beatdown of a father on the West Side Highway — saying the heartless brutes crossed a line when they messed with a family.

“That kind of behavior is unacceptable — and with a kid in the car, nonetheless! I have a 3-year-old niece,” said one biker who was hanging out at the Hells Angels’ East Village headquarters Thursday.

He slammed the thugs for taking the law into their own hands by chasing down and beating Internet executive Alexian Lien, 33, on Sunday after a fender bender on the highway.

“You get the name and license plate and let the cops deal with it. But violence? I don’t condone that,” the biker said.

“If that had been my kid and I was the one driving . . .” he said before stopping himself.

“It’s always a few people who give us all a bad name.”

And giving the Hells Angels a bad name is quite a feat, since the menacing motorcycle club has long been synonymous with high-octane crime and violence.

The motorcycle gangsters earned their bloodthirsty reputation in 1969, when a Hells Angels member stabbed a man to death during a Rolling Stones concert at the Altamont Speedway in California.

The violence didn’t stop in the ’60s.

In 2000, a senior member of the gang allegedly dragged a woman in into a car in Australia and held her hostage, using her as a sex slave for five days with the help of several others.

In New York City, 52-year-old Roberta Shalaby was beaten into a coma allegedly by Hells Angels members after she tried to push her way into the gang’s East Village headquarters in 2007.

A few years later, members of the same gang allegedly shot and killed a fellow Hells Angel in a cemetery in San Jose, Calif.

On Sunday, Lien became the target of a different pack of bikers after accidently bumping one of their bikes in his Range Rover.

The accident prompted a terrifying four-mile chase that ended with the motor-psychos smashing the window of the SUV and badly beating Lien as his wife and 2-year-old child watched.

Lien was admitted to St. Luke’s Hospital and was released the same day.


Biker organizer taunted cops… from mom’s house

The organizer of the wild motorbike rally that terrorized a West Side family runs a website taunting the NYPD  — from the safety of his mommy’s home in Queens, The Post has learned.

Jamie Lao, 29, has been orchestrating the annual group “crotch rocket” rides through city streets since at least 2007 through his now-suspended websites, and, which are registered to his parents’ Ozone Park home.

This year’s motorcycle rager led to the beatdown of Alexian Lien in front of his horrified wife and toddler.

Leo bragged just before a 2010 event that he had “no worries from the NYPD” and has posted scores of YouTube videos showing hundreds of bikers tearing down city streets en masse, popping wheelies and revving their engines as they go, with nary a cop in sight.

Lao’s Twitter account, @hollywoodstuntz, features a picture of a rider on a blue Yamaha, its front wheel raised defiantly to the sky with an NYPD squad car in the background.

A neighbor said it is Lao in the photo.

“It’s not his fault,” Lao’s dad, Juan, said of Sunday’s  violence, defending his  son, who scampered through a back entrance of the home Thursday and hid in the house to avoid a reporter.

Apparently more comfortable behind a computer screen, Lao hit Facebook, Twitter and forums like, and, urging bikers across the country to attend his annual “Hollywood’s Block Party” and “tear up the streets.”

Asked if his son was involved in the incident, Juan Lao said Jamie  didn’t attend, adding “you’re just wasting your time.”

But several neighbors said the rally started at the Lao’s two-family house on 103rd Avenue.

“There was about 300-400 bikes,” said one neighbor who asked not to be named. “It’s disturbing to see 300 bikes, the neighbors were terrified. All the smoke went into the houses. Everybody was traumatized.”

Another said  bikers congregated at the Lao’s “all day long.”

“They were very noisey and they were on top of the cars and everywhere. It was terrible.”

“Oh my god I hate them. For the past 4-5 years he’s been an absolute nuisance. They are annoying as hell,” said neighbor Jennifer Rodriguez, 36. She claims Lao and his biker buddies have terrorized her family.

“It’s been a nightmare. My mom is handicapped and my dad has a heart condition,” she said. “They [bikers] will go up to her and like play chicken, trying to scare her.”

“Sunday the whole street was covered,” Rodriguez said. “They cover all the sidewalks. People with kids and with dogs, they go right up to them like they are trying to scare them. You can’t say anything or else they will start a fight. I had to go out on Sunday and I had to wait 20 minutes until they left.”

“They scratch cars, they bump into them, they have no regard.”

Retired firefighter Distinio Lois, 77,  defended Lao.

“He’s a good kid.  He’s a motorcycle enthusiast. I have known the family for years, they are good, hard working people,” Distinio said. “You can’t help if there is a bad apple in the group. If a friend did what they did, he’s not responsible. You can’t turn around the blame if he’s the head [of the rally.]“

“They never bother anybody,” he said of the bikers that come to the house every year. “They are respectful, they don’t leave anything behind. It’s just a social gathering until they go away.”

On his website, Lao brags that he is “on his way to stardom” and calls his events  an  opportunity to “show off the most insane stunts the thousands of bystanders have ever seen.”

A YouTube video of Lao’s 2012 NYC rally depicts  hundreds of bikers – men and women – on motorcycles and three-wheeled ATVs speeding through Midtown in broad daylight, weaving through both lanes of traffic, popping wheelies and blowing through red lights as stunned pedestrians gaped from the sidewalks.

This year, cops — who confirmed that Hollywood Stuntz organized Sunday’s terror ride — were waiting for the  mob and prevented them from taking over Times Square, busting several and confiscating a number of motorcycles.

Lao also posted footage of a Halloween ride from last year, where riders roared from Brooklyn to Manhattan, hogging roads and swerving dangerously close to cars.

Neighbors said they didn’t see the NYPD outside Lao’s house Sunday – but cops did make a stop at Charlie’s Chop Shop, an Astoria  motorcycle shop where Lao and his pals, including rapper Meek Mills, are regulars.

On Thursday, Charlie’s had its gates pulled down and appeared closed, but bikers and mechanics  were in and out of the store.

“There were dozens of cops here on Sunday,” said Jimmy Katsaros, 50, who works next door at GoPro, a plumbing firl. “They pulled in looking to check out the chop shop…There were guys on bikes right outside and they sped off.

“They didn’t want any part of those cops.”

“This is very bad for everyone involved,” said another GoPro worker. “It’s all wrong.”

Henry Jiang, 21, pulled up to Charlie’s on his Kawasaki Ninja 300. He said he isn’t affiliated with the Hollywood Stuntz crew,  but defended them and blamed the road rage on Lien.

“The media has been spinning it in a way that makes all motorcyclists look bad,” he said.

“The entire situation could have been handled differently. I don’t roll with that crew [Hollywood Stuntz] but I feel that they shouldn’t be labeled as thugs because of a few bad apples. The biker that got the most hurt was innocent.

“ You shouldn’t judge a person because they are on a bike. There are lots if reckless drivers in cars too.”

“I feel that most of the fault was with the driver of the SUV. Maybe it could have all been talked out. He didn’t have to hit the gas and take out everyone. That was reckless.”


Injured biker doesn’t have a valid MA driver’s license

A motorcycle rider seriously injured when an SUV ran him over after a New York City highway altercation was recently arrested in Massachusetts for driving with a revoked license.

Edwin Mieses Jr., of Lawrence, Mass., was struck on Sunday. He broke both legs and suffered a spine injury that his family says will leave him paralyzed.

According to police and Massachusetts motor vehicle records, Mieses hasn’t had a valid license or permit to drive in the state since 1999. He also never applied for a motorcycle license.

It isn’t clear if he had been licensed in any other state.

He was arrested most recently on May 24 in Andover, Mass., and has had dozens of other violations.

His attorney had no comment.







Cops set to arrest biker thug No. 1

Police have finally identified the most vicious of the “motor psychos” — the man who allegedly ripped a driver out of his car and beat him in front of his family after a wild chase on the West Side Highway, The Post has learned.

Reginald Chance, 38, of Brooklyn, has lawyered up and is expected to surrender by Friday, according to two law-enforcement sources speaking on condition of anonymity.

Chance is the top target from Sunday’s shocking motorcycle road rage attack, an assault that left Alexian Lien, 33, pummeled and bleeding on the pavement as his wife and 2-year-old daughter cowered in their black Range Rover.

Video taken by the helmet-mounted camera of biker Kevin Bresloff shows Chance allegedly committing the bulk of the violence once Lien’s Range Rover is forced to a stop near 178th Street.

Bresloff, 37, of Bellport, LI, had his camera rolling as Lien’s car is surrounded by revving motorcycles and as Chance removes his chrome-colored helmet and uses it to bash the driver’s-side window.

Just before Chance allegedly pulls Lien from the car, Bresloff’s video abruptly ends — turned off, cops say, so as to avoid creating an incriminating record of the ensuing assault.

Cops aren’t buying Bresloff’s claim that his camera “accidently” shut off, another law-enforcement source said.

Chance’s Facebook page says he is from Guyana and that he works as a driver and supervisor for Bimmy’s sandwich shop in Queens.

Meanwhile, newly surfaced videos and photographs, taken at the scene of the attack by neighbors and drivers, could incriminate other bikers — including some who told cops they were not involved in the attack.

One new photo, which ran on The Post’s front page Thursday, has become key evidence contradicting the claims of several bikers who had previously claimed to cops they were not involved, a source said.

Meanwhile, mayoral hopeful Joe Lhota blamed the stop-and-frisk crackdown for so impeding cops that outlaw motorcycle gangs are able to rampage freely.

“These anti-police laws have had a chilling effect among the NYPD,” the Republican candidate told The Post Thursday.

Recent City Council action and a ruling by federal Judge Shira Scheindlin — both hamstringing cops in the name of fighting racial profiling — have “emboldened criminals and made us less safe,” Lhota said.

“We have seen an increase in shootings, rapes and in the past few days a horrific attack on a father in front of his family and five people stabbed on the Upper West Side,” Lhota said.

“These anti-police laws have had a chilling effect among the NYPD,” he added.

Democrat Bill de Blasio, meanwhile, has urged that cops visit motorcycle clubs and talk to bikers.

“We have to be very tough on this one — this is an unacceptable state of affairs,” de Blasio said.

Additional reporting by Yoav Gonen and Jeane MacIntosh

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