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TRIP REPORT– ”make it do what it do”

June 28, 2013


Libby’s Moto World is a New Haven, CT institution.  Established in 1957, Libby’s carries a variety of brands Honda, Triumph, Yamaha, Victory, etc.

They also sponsor summer bike nights.  If you are in the area, you have to go.  The variety and type of attendees and bikes makes for quite a show.

The weather along the Connecticut coast over the last week has been, er, ahhh, unpredictable.   The forecast last night was for rain, with a chance of thunder storms, clearing, flash floods, partly cloudy, breaks of sun, and a chance of sudden and severe showers.  WTF?  I just grabbed my Held jacket and took the Aprilia Caponord.


Although the Aprilia Futura made a better choice for a bike night event, the Caponord is a no-brainer.  With a large Givi tail box, I could toss my helmet, GPS, gloves and other stuff inside securely locked and out of the weather.

Also, since I remapped the ECU the bike has been a blast to ride and fuel economy has increased significantly.  On my last ride to Laconia, I managed 240 miles before refueling.  That’s a great improvement over my usual 190 mile fill ups.

Leaning into the onramp curve and merging into I-95 traffic, I relaxed and settled down to a mid 70 MPH cruise.  Libby’s is only about 20 miles from the house and I was in no particular hurry to get there. 

I rolled into Libby’s a little after 6:00 and looked for a spot to park.  From here, I’ll let the pictures do the talking – enjoy.




PHOTO: “Make It Do What It DO”


I can’t help but be touched by the irony of the name of this motorcycle club.  “Sudden Impact” really?  I don’t imagine “make it do what it do” would fair well in a “sudden impact”.  Don’t “sudden impact’s” kill most motorcycle riders? 

Hell, I’d name my MC “Live forever, healthy, wealthy, and wise”  But whatever, “Make It Do What It Do”  You can visit the Sudden Impact MC on Facebook.







Soul Seekers MC – Cool full length leather duster and leather Cowboy hat.  You can visit the Soul Seekers MC on Facebook.


PHOTO: The Soul Seekers MC’s Motorcycle (or MC’s MC).  Fantastic assortment of Spider Man plush dolls, chrome additions and customizations, and trailer hitch trunk.


Upcoming Bike Night advert from the Soul Seekers Facebook page.

PHOTO:  Chucky Movie Tribute MC




PHOTO:  BLINGZED OUT MV Agusta, boyyzzzzzz!




PHOTO: KINGT-4 Rolls with a wiped out back tyre, boyzzzzzzzzz!


Where did KINGT-4 acquire all the sick chrome bling for his ryde?  Sick, yo!






PHOTO: That HID kit be crazy!










Libby’s does an amazing job of feeding everyone on bike night.  There are cheese burgers, hot dogs, potato salad, beans, home made cookies, and hell, last night there were doughnuts!  THANKS Libby!

The one place where I think Libby’s could do better is to extract something beyond goodwill from the attendees.  For starters, they should control entry into the event.  Have a checkpoint where each attendee is handed (for example) a 10% off discount card for purchases over a certain $$$ amount.  Also, a XX% service discount for maintenance, accessory  bolt on products, tires, etc.  There were a ton of motorcycles in attendance last night that needed tuning and/or tires (just because your stretched, slammed, GIXXXER has a loud exhaust and HID kit does not mean it’s even close to fueling correctly, cough, cough. and that back tire is showing steel cords.….).

To my eyes, they do a great job entertaining and feeding people, but the store is virtually empty during the event.  They need the DJ to push for people to go INTO the store and buy things, register for the mailing list, use their discount coupons, etc. 

Other than that, it’s just free food and smoking burnouts. 

I was interested in looking at the new 2013 Triumph Trophy SE.  This bike was designed to compete with the BMW RT.  I’m guessing Triumph was completely un-aware of BMW’s soon to be released (at the time) six cylinder 1600 sport touring motorcycle. 


While I can see how the Trophy could compete with the RT, it is sorely out classed by the 1600GT or GTL.  It must be frustrating to bring a product to market and have it be instantly be pounded into obsolesce  by a new motorcycle model.  Triumph, I can feel your pain.


The one thing that I bugs the shit out of me is the quality of Triumph’s controls and switch packs.  They just feel cheap.  The clutch pulls are limp, there are greasy, shiny coverings on the buttons and the instruments look like Victorian era clocks.


After you have used a modern motorcycle display ala Ducati Diavel, Multistrada, or BMW 1600GT it’s hard to go back to straight analog and old timey digital displays. 


No complaints about the bags.  They look to have plenty of room and the handles are nice.



Triumph 1200 Explorer.  The adjustable windscreen is a fiddly bit.  Again, once you’ve seen it done correctly – adjustable, on the fly, with one hand, making something that is stupidly complicated or hard to use is unforgivable.  The magazines have savaged the rest of this bike’s issues (exploding bags, it’s lack of off-road ability, etc.).


Triumph cruiser – no idea what this is called.




I usually stick around for the motorcycle stunt show but had places to go.  I put on my jacket, and helmet and rode away from the madness that was just beginning.  I had just enough time to ride over to a cigar lounge in North Haven and check out a My Father #6 cigar.

Thanks again to Libby’s Moto World in New Haven, CT.

NEXT: HELD AWARA jacket review

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  1. Sean permalink
    July 2, 2013 7:29 pm

    It’s too bad you didn’t test the Triumph Trophy. It’s an awesome bike to ride! Not even comparable to the BMW 1600’s, but it is a better bike than the BMW RT.


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