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LACONIA 2013–90TH Anniversary

June 3, 2013

June 8-16, 2013 rallylogovectorcolorA13

The oldest motorcycle rally in America begins this Saturday in Laconia, New Hampshire.  Laconia bike week began in 1916.  For reference, Woodrow Wilson was President and 12,000 US troops were sent to Mexico to chase down Pancho Villa.

That’s hard to believe, as I ride my fuel injected, computerized motorcycle – guided by GPS around Connecticut.   Ninety years!  Wow. 

Of course, Harley Davidson was around as was Indian, Thor, and others.   If you are riding a BMW, Harley’s got one up on you as the first BMW motorcycles were not produced until 1921. 

Something like 30,000 riders will attend the rally and it’s a blast!

The other large New England rally this week is Americade in Lake George, NY.  It’s smaller and oriented towards a different set of bikers.  Please review the following matrices and decide where you fit in the bike rally universe. 


  • I wear white sneakers that attach with Velcro
  • My motorcycle has (any of the following) stuffed animals, American flags, the cost of the motorcycle itself in chrome accessories or lights, a stereo and intercom system that rivals NASA
  • A custom painted and matched trailer
  • Can be found in a Cracker Barrel parking lot
  • I ride the following motorcycles – Goldwing, Goldwing, Goldwing, Goldwing, Goldwing, Goldwing, Goldwing, Goldwing, Goldwing
  • All my riding gear has my name/rank/club attached and/or at all times I wear a “Club President” nametag

If YES to any of the above, you are an Americader.

Photo: Herb and his wife Lois are Americaders


  • Everything I own is branded by Harley Davidson
  • Helmet?  What’s a helmet?
  • The perfect fashion accessory for a night on the town is a leather vest with patches and my “Ride Captain”  or “Prospect” patch
  • When riding in a group and leading, the ONLY lane position is the right side of the lane
  • I (say your club member name or handle) always wear protective gear – chaps and fingerless gloves

If YES to any of the above, you are a Laconiadiot

Photo: Kyle, Randy, his dad Herb and his wife Carol, are Laconiatiot’s

Laconia is a great time and there is no way I’m going to miss the 90th anniversary. 

First time to Laconia?  Be aware of the following:

  • Don’t pay to park, there is plenty of free parking if you take your time riding down the main drag.
  • Hotel rooms?  Forget it.  Everything is gone south of $500.00 per night.
  • Watch out – bike on bike crashes happen.  Just about every year riders meet their maker.
  • Lock your stuff.  Not that crime is an issue, but if you make your stuff easy to grab…..
  • The weather can be unpredictable.  I’ve been there through some horrible rain storms only to have it turn beautiful 20 minutes later.  If in doubt, find somewhere to hang out, have a Slurpee and wait.  Chances are the weather will pass.
  • Don’t drink.  Really, don’t drink.  Unless you are walking, the last thing in the world you want is to be shit faced and staring at a two hour ride home.
  • T-Shirts – the discount shops offer the best t-shirt value.  Why pay $25 to $30 for a shirt when there are plenty of cool ones for around $12.00.
  • Take your time.  There is plenty to see and a ton of cool vendor areas.
  • Ride up a mountain.  Laconia offers motorcycle only days to ride up Mt. Washington.
  • Get out of dodge.  When the sun goes down, the partying starts in earnest. It’s always better to head for the highway than linger late into the night and ride home exhausted.

That’s my .2 cents.  Enjoy a few photos from previous trips to Laconia.   Ride safe!






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