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GEAR REVIEW– POINT 6 Ultra light Socks

March 19, 2013




Over the years, there have only been a few brands that I have considered to be of absolutely outstanding quality.  For years, the brand SmartWool was my trusted, reliable, and dependable source for merino wool socks.  If you don’t’ know, merino wool is considered to be the best type of sock for just about every sporting activity.  They regulate heat, wick moisture, are insanely comfortable and hell, they are even flame retardant.

But something changed.  My most recent purchases of SmartWool socks just simply fell apart.  In one period, I wore the same pair for five days in a row and by the fifth day the socks had HOLES in the toes.  Something’s rotten here.  

SmartWool socks were incredibly tough, lasted forever and had virtually no toe seam.  They also retained their shape and elasticity over long periods of use/abuse.  Priced from between $20 and $25.00 they are not cheap.  To have every pair, and I mean EVERY pair I’ve purchased over the last few years completely fall apart means something has changed in the quality of manufacturing or materials. 

You’re probably thinking hey retard, why did you keep buying them?  Well, call it product blindness.  They worked the best in the past and I could find no real alternative. 

What changed at SmartWool?  I’m thinking that it’s got something to do with the sale of the company and departure of the original designers and owners.  The company was sold to Timberland in 2005, and then sold again in 2011 to VF Corporation. 

Somewhere along the way the quality of the socks simply evaporated.  That’s my opinion, but if you get a bunch of ski instructors or outdoor enthusiasts in a room together and the consensus is the same.  The product has become very disappointing.

My friend Ric Cabot manufacturers Darn Tough socks, I’ve tried a few different pair and found them not to my liking.  They were almost impossible to put on and I thought there was a noticeable toe seam.  Darn Tough went into the trash bin.

So what to do? Through a ski instructor friend (The guy is a Stowe legend.  We’re are talking Elvis/Sinatra level legendary, he’s the guy who the word ‘”legendary” was invented for and who shall remain nameless to keep this blog from turning into a crazed fan page to him), I learned about a company called Point6Who owns Point6?  The same folks who founded SmartWool and the original high quality merino wool sock craze. 

This funny Point6 video pretty much captures everything you need to know about how the brand started and why they now sell a similar but (again in my opinion) far superior quality sock.

About the Socks:

At this point, I’ve tested a pair for more than a month and wore the same pair for three weeks straight.  They lasted a nine day stretch teaching skiing at Stowe and are not showing any signs of wear and most importantly  – don’t stink to high heaven.

Merino wool socks are absolutely perfect for motorcycling.  You only need a few pair, as they are tough as nails, warm in the winter, cool in the summer and you can wash em in the sink and they will be ready to go in the morning.  That’s important when you are saving space.  

On one long ride that lasted many months, I took TWO pair of merino wool socks and traveled through Death Valley, Key West, the Mojave Desert, White Sands New Mexico and a million other places. 

For long distance travel via motorcycle, bus, train, backpack, whatever, you can’t beat a high quality merino wool sock.  Now that I’ve found a new brand I’m excited to buy more.  It’s neat that the owners of Point 6 recognized the market was being destroyed by the awful quality of their old brand and jumped back into the market. 

Also, Point6 socks are priced attractively from about $5.00 to $15.00.  Sierra Trading Post has the full line. That’s not an endorsement – just a link if you want to buy a pair and can’t find them anywhere else. 

Our Point6 Sock Ratings:

Quality: A
Value: A
Functionality: A
Durability: A
Price: A++


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