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FUBAR!–My Caponord is dead…..

September 13, 2012

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I noticed recently that the Caponord was getting worse and worse fuel mileage.  From low 40’s to a solid 35 MPG or less.  Going 200 miles on a tank was impossible.  Then this morning the EFI warning light went on and stayed on.


I pulled the diagnostic codes from the bike and the code indicated a rear cylinder coil failure.  So, under the fuel tank I go. 

What do we have under here?


FUU#()@#)!~!~!@#@~!)(@#)#!!! A freaking mouse condo!  I’ve most likely ridden close to 12,000 miles with that crap in there!  No wonder the bike accelerates poorly.


Let the cleanup begin


So, I clean the velocity stacks and butterflies with carb cleaner and replace the faulty coil.  I button the bike back up and it won’t start.  I think it’s flooded with carb cleaner and let it sit for a while.  Eventually I get it running but very poorly and the EFI light is still flashing..GRRRRRR. 

During this time I’ve been hitting the starter button a bunch to try and keep the bike running.  Stressing anything electrical on an Italian motorcycle is never a good idea.  I decide to give up and turn the key off and hit the kill switch and begin to walk away – when the starter engages and begins to crank the bike.  NO key in the ignition, the starter button in the OFF position.

HOLY SHIT!  I know something is going to get fried if I can’t get the battery disconnected quickly.  I fumble for a wrench while the starter spins and spins.  I consider cutting the battery terminal lead.  I end up getting the negative terminal off just as the battery starts to die.

So now, I have a bike that won’t start, most likely has a fused starter relay, and may still have issues with the coil.  Fan-FREAKING-tastic afternoon.

But, there are parts available, I know I’ll be able to fix it and no matter what, It will ultimately be better than when I started.  So I can live with a dead motorcycle for now.

That’s my day – how’s yours?

Part TWO – Making a faster Caponord:


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  1. Jack permalink
    September 13, 2012 3:31 pm

    You need to call Micah at AF1. Stat!

    • September 13, 2012 5:50 pm

      Starter relay – schmacked it with a hammer and problem solved. There is an upgrade available from a Yamaha part at less than half the AF1 price. Ordering the part from Amazon and adding new plugs, filters, and seals.

      Should be back on the road soon.

  2. Frank Gorshin permalink
    September 14, 2012 11:39 am

    Bummer. I know that feeling. I sort of felt the same way when I learned that Dustin Diamond turned down the role of Abraham Lincoln for an upcoming three-part miniseries on the Civil War. (Steven Segal ended up with the part…)

  3. September 17, 2012 6:11 pm

    I think I’ll put fresh bait in the traps in my garage.

    • September 18, 2012 9:11 am

      A few years ago I had motorcycles and expensive cars stored in my 3 car garage. As a hedge against critters I littered the place with rat kill pellets. After a few weeks – they were almost all gone. Eureka! Problem solved – I thought. That spring I was getting my Carrera 4 out and checked the front compartment. Underneath the space saver spare – mounds and mounds of rat kill pellets with about 3 dead and very stinky mice. Rodents seem to have quantum mechanics figured as I can see NO way they could get into the Caponord airbox….. I’m afraid to look under the tank of my Futura………….. My next garage will have those electronic pest devices.


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