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CIGAR REVIEW–Aging Room M356 Major

September 11, 2012


After a long day in the saddle, I like nothing more than sitting by the fire and relaxing with a fine cigar.  So here is a long overdue review of a cigar I’ve grown to really enjoy.


There are Cuban cigars and there is everything else.

That’s a fact.

There is no denying it.


Cuban cigars are and have always been the finest cigars on the planet.


We can’t get them (legally)…………



What else is there?

Dominican, Honduran, Mexican, Jamaican, and others.  I’ve smoked them all and enjoyed them.  


Eureka!  Let’s smoke something that’s almost as good as a Cuban.

The cigar being reviewed is made in the Oliveros Factory by Rafael Nodal.  The brand is called Aging Room and the line of cigars is called M356

Aging Room Small Batch M356

Follow this link to YouTube and let the creator describe the idea behind Aging Room cigars.

As Nodal says in the video, the entire cigar is Dominican tobacco. I think Arturo Fuente was the first brand to use wholly Dominican grown wrapper, filler and binder.  Their experiment produced the Opus X line of cigars. 

The Aging Room M356 series cigars contain:

  • 100% Dominican Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut
  • 100% Dominican Filler: Havano Criollo
  • 100% Dominican Binder: Havano Criollo

Normally I don’t care a whit about cigar magazine ratings or comments about “chocolate, cherry, walnut and hints of Carmel….. I don’t have taste buds that are that developed.  However, in this case I completely agree with the stellar reviews:

M356 cigars were ranked in the top 25 cigars of 2011 as selected by Cigar Aficionado Magazine. and the highest rated cigar of 2011 by The Cigar Insider.  The M356 “Presto” was rated 94%. 

From start to finish this a fantastic cigar.  It cuts perfectly, it burns perfectly, it draws perfectly.  The ash is white and firm and I’m 1/2 way thorough a box and have not found a plugged, or poorly rolled cigar.  Quite simply, to my limited palate and twenty years or so of smoking cigars, this is the best non-Cuban cigar I’ve ever had.  They run from $8.50 to $10.00 in most cigar shops.  RUN and get your hands on this thing.  It’s amazing.  I hope the “limited” small batch thing is hype as I’d hate to run out of these fantastic cigars.

Aging Room M356 “Major” 60×6.5" Gauge


The Major is showing some tooth right out of the box.  That’s a good sign.


The cut is perfect.


It’s a beautiful cigar.  It lights perfectly and is PERFECT from the start to the last draw.  That’s an achievement.  Some cigars take a while to settle in.  Some get better at that last 1/3.  Aging Room M356 are fantastic for the entire smoke.  Love them.


More info about the cigars:

Cigar insider review


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  1. August 21, 2013 12:29 pm

    The M356 does not have an Ecuadorian Shade wrapper, that would be the Aging Room Haváo. The M356 features a delicious Dominican Habano wrapper.

    • August 22, 2013 4:07 pm

      I stand corrected. That makes sense as the cigar is said to be a puro. Recently, I had an issue with a box of Aging Room M356’s and your customer service was absolutely fantastic! I continue to believe that the M356 is the finest non-Cuban cigar on the market today. It’s that good!


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