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DEALER VISIT–Twisted Throttle 10th Anniversary Party

May 23, 2012


May 19, 2010 – Exeter, RI

I set the alarm clock for 7:00 am for Saturday morning.  The local weatherman had been going on and on about how there were not enough words in the dictionary for how perfect the weekend was going to be – and for once, he was right!

Twisted Throttle is a short drive from my home in Madison, CT.  I decided to take the Aprilia Caponord and save my Aprilia Futura for ride to New Canaan, CT on Sunday. 

I hit the road and merged into traffic on I-95 north.  Somewhere around Mystic, CT I exited the highway and stopped at a McDonalds for breakfast.  I’d been torturing myself over the last week with an all vegetarian diet and thought this might be the end of that nonsense.  I ordered a sausage biscuit sandwich and an un-sweetened ice tea.  I opened the paper wrapper and immediately decided that there was no way I would come off an all veggie diet for that crap.  So, I ate the biscuit and drank my tea. 

Outside, A BMW 1200 GSA pulled into the same space I parked and the rider walked inside.  We struck up a conversation and found that we were both headed to the same place.  He asked if I wanted to ride along and hit “a few twisties” on the route.  I agreed and we were joined by another rider on a 848 Ducati.  Along the route, we pulled into a condo complex and picked up an obvious Ducati fanatic – as his car port had a beautiful Sport Classic with a custom made gas tank and a Multistrada 1200.

The four of us rode through some beautiful countryside.  Along the way I used the screenshot utility on my Garmin NUVI to mark the route.  Unfortunately, when I got back and looked for the shots – there were not any.  Wonder what’s up with that?

Anyway, we eventually arrived at the Twisted Throttle HQ.  To put it simply, the place was JAMMING!  There were motorcycles of every time, and riders of every type too.  Harley, Sport bike, ADV, Iron Butt, Mods & Rockers, Exotic, Old School riders – everything.


It’s hard to shoot panoramas when people are walking about  – but you get the idea.



Inside the storefront of the Twisted Throttle.  Very cool.  Excellent selection of ADV Rider type parts on display.


Waiting in the lunch line.  The lines were huge but moved quickly.  TT staff members were working their butts off on the various grills and food stations.  Having been to several “free food” events on the East Coast, I made a point to be in line early.  Turns out there was no need.  They had more than enough food for everyone.  Thanks TT!


I’ve never understood the “fingerless glove” look.  Especially when in line for lunch.  Oh well, Laconia is next month.  That fringe leather vest will fit in perfectly.


Hepco and Becker boxes – $200.00 for the set!  Can you say bargain?


Love the bumper sticker – you figure out which….


Stunt riding display with the rider absolutely hammering a stunt BMW RR1000.





Sampling of Twisted Throttle products on display.  Fuel or oil holder.


Plastic document/water/fuel holders.  These are a great deal at just under $20.00



Great condition old Nighthawk S.


Not sure what this guy was going for.  Love the BMW logo, wings, and stuff.  As there was one guy running around in an Aerostitch suit with a NASA logo, I’ll assume this is his scooter.


Moto Guzzi.  I’ve ridden this bike before and WILL own one one of these days.  It’s got presence.  There is nothing generic about this motorcycle.



Someone spends too much time with the Aerostitch catalog.  Not a lot of love for the Prez at this rally.  I do like this owners appreciation for stick-on lettering.


TT rolling consumer platform.  What can be bolted on will be bolted on.


This is perhaps the best idea for a tail box yet.


Le-boom box!  With SAT radio. 



DSC00063 - Copy







Bark buster hand guards.  These look serious enough to take a good get-off and survive.


BMW RR1000 stunt bike.


The ONLY other Aprilia in attendance.  I’m getting a bit tired of always being the ONLY Aprilia in the crowd.





Honda, Honda, Ducati, Kawasaki, Honda, Kawasaki, Ducati……….oh yeah, ONE Aprilia.



Wouldn’t be a gathering without a bunch of carefully attired “Mods and Rockers”.  Don’t get me started on “motorcycle fashion”.  These guys clearly spent a huge amount of time putting together their costumes. 


I’ll have to ride to on a Tuesday to check it out.  The woman in the chair was absolutely SMOKING!


I’m thinking the Marine might be courting disaster if he does not fix that license plate.



This guy is serious about lights.  REALLY SERIOUS.  He already had a full HID light setup in the factory headlights, then a set of LED lights and another set of HID lights.  Where do you live? In a salt mine or Iceland?  It must be dark wherever you live for months and months…….



DSC00097 - Copy (2)

DSC00098 - Copy (2)






An instructor from the Lee Parks school teaching skills from his book “Total Control”.  I’ve read it, given several copies to my friends and think it’s one of the best bikes written about how to ride and control a motorcycle.  It’s better in some ways than Keith Code’s excellent “A Twist of The Wrist”


After a full day of walking around the Twisted Throttle events, displays and store, I hit the road and headed for some beachfront property in Newport, RI.   Considering it was only 20 miles away how could I not? 

Riding over the bridge into Newport.  The only thing that bothered me was the $8.00 toll EACH way.  That’s insane.



Downtown Newport on a Saturday afternoon.  I got a mini left hand workout engaging and dis-engaging the clutch one zillion times.  It’s best to try and stay off  the main streets on busy holidays or weekends.  Keep your GPS zoomed in just enough to show alternative routes.  I always set mine up this way whenever I ride into a “bike week” destination.  There are always better ways to where you want to go if you ignore the lemming like lines of folks who think there is only ONE way there.

The Waterfront in Newport

Ahhhhhhhh, finally.  The beach.  I had shorts and beach stuff in the Caponord’s GIVI tailbox.  I changed out of riding gear and hit the sand. 


The ride home was uneventful  except for the freaking $8.00 toll.  I’ve consulted my mapping program to pick a non-toll route in and out of Newport next time.  Unfortunately it looks like coming to Newport from where I am will add 30-40 more miles to the route.  Grrrrrrrrrr.  Whatever, that’s $4.00 more each way and I’ve always wanted to visit Bristol and I’ll be even closer to Little Compton.


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NEXT – Vindicator Cycles Open House



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