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I WANT WHAT I WANT–but what do I want?

April 16, 2012

I want a motorcycle that is insanely fast, has superb brakes, traction control, abs, fly by wire throttle, heated grips, adjustable windshield, lights that are adjustable from the cockpit, an electronically adjustable suspension, cruise control, multiple instantly selectable power, load, passenger, settings, comfortable saddle, massive fuel capacity, the ability to carry tons of gear – two up or not, a shaft drive that feels like a chain, weather protection, tons of power outlets, a huge alternator, road following head lights, gauges that work, an exact reading of fuel reserve and distance to empty, hand guards, 20,000 miles between service intervals, 5000 mile oil changes, massive dealer network, 100000 mile warranty, can rip a track day or cover a gravel/dirt road, what else?

Locking panniers with massive capacity, crash guards, paint that won’t scratch, easy oil changes, carbon fiber everything, mirrors that work, a kickstand that has adjustable length and a foot that won’t sink into a hot parking lot or soft ground. 


This is personal, I hate spokes.  I hate cleaning spokes, I hate seeing spokes, I hate maintaining spokes, quite simply, I hate everything, ever aspect, every element of spokes.  I am well aware of the benefits of weight, and function off-road but I don’t care.  Not one whit. I like clean motorcycles.  I want my 63,000 mile motorcycle to be cleaner than when new.  Spokes are notoriously hard to clean.  Give me cast/forged/carbon fiber wheels any day.

Well, that’s my short list on the perfect bike.  What about you?


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