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BOOK REVIEW–America From the Road (by Readers Digest)

March 27, 2012

Published in 1982.  448 pages – bought in a Salvation Army.

Where to go?  You have a motorcycle and are hankering to ride.  But where?  Around town? To the local motorcycle shop to bench race?  Where Oh Lord, where?

For anyone following this blog, you know I’ve ridden the entire continental USA on several occasions.  But, this is a big country and there are still so many places I can’t wait to see.  During the colder months I love using this book to imagine and plot routes around the country. 


The book includes 125 loop trips.  All were researched and checked by the Readers Digest editors.  Reviewed by travel experts in each state and finally, EVERY MILE OF EVERY ROUTE was test-driven (how can I get that job?). 


There are five color coded loops in the book.  The color coding goes from short trips to week or longer loops.  At selected points on the tour sections are numbered and detailed in the text.  It’s fantastic to see what’s there? and why should I go? in detail. 


It is  really interesting to me to get background information on places I’ve never been.  When I travel, I like to blend in with the locals.  I’m a TRAVELER, not a TOURIST.  I want to see and experience things as a local does.  I’ve had fantastic, authentic, experiences in so many places, Tybee Island, GA – Grand Isle, LA, Sanibel Island, FL – Siesta Key, FL – Las Vegas, NV – Napa, CA – just to name a few.


I use this book in conjunction to my absolute all time favorite travel book. The Lonely Planet USA travel guide.  It’s thick as a phone book and absolutely perfect for traveling.  My copy has been around the USA many times.  With these two guides, you should never have “where to go” issues.


The pictures are great.


Exceptional detail and great routes.



Grab yourself a copy if you can find one.  Readers Digest – America From the Road.  It’s a picture perfect travel book.

UP NEXT – Using guide books and mapping programs to create the perfect route. 

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