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GEAR REVIEW–Aerostitch Falstaff

March 26, 2012


This is the really cool looking Aerostitch Falstaff jacket.  It’s beautifully made, with high quality materials and great features.  But, and this is a big capital letters BUT this is not a serious motorcycle jacket.  It’s waxed cotton.  You fall off at speed – well, you’re toast.   Then again, some of the riding I do is speed limit dictated at no more than 40-35 mph.  So for around town, low speed and let’s face it – not much protection, this is just the ticket.  Some of my “serious” riding jackets are heavy, cumbersome, and hot.  This jacket blends in with the folks in the grocery store or local deli.

There is some armor in the shoulders and elbows (Aerostitch TF3).  There is no back protector included with the jacket.  The Aerostitch website lists a “back pad Adapter sleeve for an additional $$$ You will also need the TF5 Transit Back Pad for an additional $$$$$$$$$$

So you are looking at:

The Jacket $437.00

The Back Pad $100.00

The Back Pad holder $30.00

Grand total: $567.00 (not including shipping)


That’s a great pile of money for what is essentially a Barbour jacket with some pads.  Then again, it’s less than an “ultimate” type motorcycle jacket – say the BMW Rallye 3 (799.95) or an Aerostitch Darien ($447.00 + $100 back pad + $30 back pad holder) or a really, really, serious jacket, the KLIM Adventure Rally Jacket ($1,299.99).


I guess the point of all this is it’s a crazy expensive jacket for “around town”.  There are so many other $99.00 closeout jackets from Tourmaster, Fieldsheer, First Gear, etc.  that are just as comfortable and better quality for much, much less.

Then again, some folks want fashion over function.  This jacket is great looking, extremely well made, and most of all – cool.  That’s it.  I’ll let the pictures do the talking.












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