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November 24, 2011

I woke up in a hotel room in Omaha Nebraska a few years ago.  I was tired and stiff from the long ride north the previous day.  I was headed further North into South Dakota or at least that was the plan.  I stretched, and pulled back the curtain to check the weather.  It was snowing.  Great.  When it wasn’t snowing, it was raining.  The Weather Channel forecast was not encouraging.  Snow from Canada to North Dakota and rain from South Dakota to almost the tip of Florida.  I had to ride, no choice about that.  I put on my gear, packed the bike, scrapped my plans and headed South. 

Which brings us to this Gear Review.  The one thing I’ve learned from thousands of miles in every kind of weather is that gear that has design flaws, construction issues, etc., will quickly reveal itself.  Usually, that means a zipper coming off at the worst possible moment, a seam exploding, or in this case a pair of boots that are better suited to being used as a fish tank.

Tourmaster makes great gear, no question.  However, some of their claims are just plain nonsense.  Let’s look at Tourmaster’s own description of the Solution 2.0 boot:


Tour Master Solution 2.0 Waterproof Road Boots 

Tour Master brings back the Solution WP Boots for 2011 with a host of refinements. Building on the success of its predecessors, the Solution WP 2.0 Boots feature an all new more durable sole, flex panels for comfort, and a HiPora waterproof breathable membrane. Wide Widths also available . 


  • Water-repellent leather and PU upper
  • HiPora waterproof, breathable membrane
  • 3M ScotchLite on rear area for night time safety
  • VR single density compound sole for reliable grip
  • Auto lock zipper covered with adjustable Velcro flap
  • Leather stretch panels for better comfort and durability
  • Molded nylon shin and ankle guard backed with shock absorbing material
  • Shock absorbing latex foam on flex panels
  • Leather shift pad
  • TecnoGI thermoplastic heel cut and toe cap
  • Preformed orthopedic vibration absorbing foot bed


What’s the second feature?  HiPora WATERPROOF, breathable membrane.  Well, I can assure you these boots are nowhere near waterproof.  I’ve ridden three or four times in the pouring rain and every time they get worse.  I’m not sure what’s happening but the boots started out a bit damp in the toes on the first ride.  On the second ride, I was wet in the toes and ankles, and on this last ride, man, when I tipped my toes toward the ground to stretch I could feel the water run from the back of the boot to the front – it was that bad. 

Sounds like a warranty issue right?  Well, no luck there.  Unless you buy the product directly from Tour Master there is zero warranty support.  So, I have a pair of boots that claim to be water proof – and are not.  Which ultimately renders them useless for anything other than good weather riding. 

The Good:

Leather construction, not Lorica (synthetic leather)

Good lug boot sole

Comfortable to walk in

Easy to put on and take off

Adequate protection in the ankles and shin

Priced at $100 or a bit less, this is the best boot value on the planet

The Bad:

Not waterproof

Not waterproof

Not waterproof

Ultimately, they are useless for long distance, all weather riding.

This is how they look after about four hours of rain riding. They are utterly and completely soaked.


Does this look comfortable?




UPDATED GEAR REVIEW – Tourmaster Solution WP 2.0 Boots – 2000 miles later

4 Comments leave one →
  1. Frank Gorshin permalink
    November 24, 2011 2:32 pm

    Sounds like Tourmaster better stay out of the prophylactic contraception business…

  2. Gregory D. permalink
    November 25, 2011 6:41 pm

    Now i know what not to buy.

  3. Phish No permalink
    March 9, 2014 1:29 pm

    Had several articles of Tour Master gear in the past, but no more. None of it held together well. Utter crap, all of it. I’d buy Joe Rocket or Icon before I’d buy anything from Tour Master again.


  1. UPDATED GEAR REVIEW–TOURMASTER SOLUTION WP 2.0 ROAD BOOTS (20,00 miles later…….) « Singlesided Swingarm

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