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Austin, TX to Fort Smith, AR

October 23, 2010



After a week in Austin, It was time to start working my way north.  I’d been on the road for several months and was beginning to run out of new places to visit and ideas.  I thought about heading down to the Corpus Christi beaches – but the Gulf, for much of my travels, was the color of chocolate milk and did not exactly put my mind on island time.

With no real plans, I started riding back towards my parents south western Missouri home.  I figured I could do some maintenance on the bike,  help with projects around the house and spend some time in the library planning my next trip.  My destination tonight was Fort Smith, Arkansas. 


Not at all photogenic.  It was an ugly ride through grey and dull weather. 


I rode down the man drag in Ft. Smith – Garrison Avenue.  Almost immediately, I received a police escort.  A cop followed me, down the main drag and right to the front door of my hotel.  Considering the streets were deserted I took this as a sign that this town is not at all friendly to motorcyclists.  I pulled into the Hilton hoping he would follow me under the main reception pavilion, but unfortunately he drove off leaving me with an immediate dislike for the town and it’s law enforcement.

Palookaville USA.  Take my advice, keep going.


The room was not bad.  I was upgraded to a large suite that was randomly furnished, but very large.  It never hurts to ask for an upgrade.  Most front desk staff will take pity on you if you establish a good rapport and are relatively charming. 


The art and science of packing.  If I’m going to be off the bike for only one night I just take the Motofizz seat bag and leave the rest on the bike.   For buckles and it’s back on the bike.


PETA won’t like this shot.  If I’m going to crash, I’m going down in leather. SPIDI, Alpinestars and Alpinestars boots.

Well, that’s it for Forth Smith, Arkansas.  This was not one of the more memorable places I visited. 

Things to do in FORT SMITH, ARKANSAS:

Chaffee Barbershop Museum
7313 Terry St., Fort Smith, AR 72916. Phone: 800-647-1477

Come see the site where Elvis Presley and thousands of other GIs got their first Army haircut! Walk through the building where Elvis, surrounded by photographers and journalists, got his iconic hair cut off when he joined the Army to serve his country! Open year round on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Admission is free.


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