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Gear Review – British Motorcycle Gear Thermosport Gloves

October 4, 2010

After spending about 12 miserable hours in the pouring rain – riding from Memphis, Tennessee to Lampe, Missouri last December I decided to buy dedicated winter gloves. By the way, if you are caught in very cold and wet weather with more summer oriented gloves, one excellent way to beat the cold is to put on a pair of latex gloves under your road gloves.  The small amount of insulation and separation should be enough to restore some warmth to your hands. I rode many thousand miles in December last year through some very cold weather. 
I found BMG through a review on webbikeworld and have linked to their article here.  Generally speaking I agree with the reviews on WBW but occasionally I differ significantly.  One example was a review on a Craft Aerospeed R2 helmet.  WBW generally liked it and I thought it was an absolute piece of junk.  So I’ve decided to add my .2 to their review.
British Motorcycle Gear has a bunch of fantastic offerings.  Jackets and gloves mostly and an assortment of other items.  Their prices are really fantastic.  The price for these gloves was an amazing $79.00!  They are worth every penny (well, maybe not.  See the updated review below).
Constructed of Grade A semi-aniline leather, BMG Thermosport gloves utilize thinsulate thermal lining, offer carbon knuckle guards, are 100% waterproof and are Kevlar reinforced inside the glove.  The gloves are immediately comfortable and I was able to wear them for more than 5 hours during a recent ride.  What I really like about the gloves is the grippy material on the palm and finger area on the back of the hand. 
Although these gloves are thicker than my regular Alpinestars GP Tech or SPIDI Penta summer gloves, they are just as comfortable to ride with.  Gripping the controls is easy and the insulating material does not affect the feel of the gloves.  How waterproof are they?  I don’t know yet…… When I say yet, I’m sure that I’ll have ample opportunity to fully test the weatherproofing before the riding season comes to a close. 
The glove quality is excellent and I have zero issues with the construction of the glove.  The fit runs true to size.  I wear a large and the British Motorcycle Thermosport gloves fit perfectly.  Shipping was reasonable and the gloves arrived in about seven days.  The only slight issue I have with these gloves is the gauntlet is a bit loose.  I assume it’s loose to allow for bulkier winter clothing and still let the gauntlet close.  Other than that small issue, they are absolutely fantastic.
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October 15, 2010.  I just returned from a 300 mile two day road trip in absolutely horrible weather.  There a Nor’easter slamming the east coast and I rode through some of the worst weather I’ve ever encountered on a motorcycle.  The gloves failed miserably. They ARE NOT WATERPROOF and they are not particularly WARM.  It was low 40’s and I was absolutely miserable today.  Even with a pair of BMW GS1200 hand guards to help divert the water within 3 minutes my hands were completely soaked.   I’m going to call BMG later today and see what they have to say about how poorly these gloves performed.  Check back soon for an update.

ANOTHER UPDATE 11/24/2010:

I gave the gloves to my brother.  I never really recovered faith in the Thermosport’s after their complete failure during that Nor’easter.  He loves BMG products and has their summer gloves so he was excited have a cold weather pair.  I recently went to Virginia to pickup a BMW F650 GS and dropped them off.  No more than four hours later, on the ride back to Vermont, my phone rang.  It was my brother who had just tested the gloves by putting them in a bucket of water to the wrists and testing the waterproof qualities.  They failed almost immediately.  In fact, they actually ABSORBED a substantial amount of water in the bucket.  Enough so there was a noticeable reduction in the amount of the water in the bucket!  So that’s a double failure with BMG Thermosport gloves.

He immediately called BMG and they said to send them back (at his cost) and they would be replaced.  The contact at BMG said he had a pair and had ridden thousands of miles in rain and his pair never failed….. Who knows.  However, posts here from readers are almost all saying the same thing  – BMG Thermosport gloves are NOT WATERPROOF at all.  I’ll give BMG one more chance after they replace this pair and report back.  At this point WE DO NOT APPROVE BMG THERMOSPORT GLOVES FOR WINTER OR WET WEATHER USE.

Singlesided Swingarm is currently researching products from Alpinestars and Held for a waterproof winter solution.  Thanks again to all of the folks who took time to post their reviews and e-mail me.


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  1. October 5, 2010 7:19 am

    Buying motorcycle gear that actually works effectively can be a major problem. I have had loads of motorcycle gloves that I have purchased for winter and they have not kept my hands warm and they haved leaked. I will have to check these gloves out.

  2. Jeff permalink
    November 24, 2010 10:07 pm

    I live in the Pacific Northwest and ride year round. I have a pair of bulky but warm and waterproof gloves. I also have summer gloves. I bought the Thermosport gloves for the seasonal transitions when it’s still foul weather but not too cold. The gloves are well built and look good. However, as dryohe found out, they are definitely are NOT waterproof. They are barely water resistant. They last about three minutes in driving rain. When the insulation gets soaked the warmth disappears. This is a potentially dangerous situation since we rely on our hands to control our motorcycles. Winter riding is challenging enough without having to deal with hands frozen numb. It’s completely irresponsible for a manufacturer to mislead their customers. Especially when that product intend to provide protection and safety. I’ll be returning them. Some reviewers have had better luck and you may get a pair that actually are waterproof. But since you have to pay shipping to return them if they are not, its a gamble. Too bad, these gloves would rock if they put some Gore-tex in them. They would cost more but I would happily pay the difference for a glove that worked as advertised.

  3. Jeff permalink
    January 18, 2011 9:36 pm

    –UPDATE– I returned the leaky gloves that I reviewed above. The return shipping was $11. I requested in a letter that the replacements be tested for waterproofness before being shipped to me. I also requested the next size larger, if possible. I received the replacement gloves quickly. They were the larger size but what made me most impressed was the tiny amount of water inside the plastic packaging. Just a fine misting on the inside of the plastic from the gloves being repackaged while not being 100% dry. This indicated to me they really did test this pair of gloves before shipping. So their customer service seems to be very good. I’ve been riding the last couple of weeks through some really nasty weather. On one of my commutes home there was freezing rain/snow. I was wiping slush off my visor and when I got home there was a thin sheen of ice built up on the top of my helmet. My hands stayed dry and reasonably warm through this. I’ve also been through a couple of torrential rainfalls while on the freeway with quite a bit of tire mist flying around. Lots of flooding on the west coast this year. Perfect conditions for testing out rain gear. I haven’t done a bucket test with them but I feel it is unnecessary considering what I’ve already subjected them to on the road. I am much happier with this pair of gloves. Exactly what I wanted in the first place. Altogether I paid about $100, 2x shipping included. Even at that price I consider these gloves a decent bargain.

  4. Frank Gorshin permalink
    April 15, 2012 11:11 am

    Interested in where you are currently on glove reviews. Did the Brit gloves still fail to hold up? If so, have you found waterproof, warm gloves that meet or exceed your expectations? Good grip control, warm, waterproof, and durability. Am interested in your thoughts…


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