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I love my Cylons

January 19, 2010

Damn you Aprilia!  What I thought was a cut and dry issue ain’t!  I’m a life long, die hard, sportbike rider.  Then I bought the Aprilia Caponord.  It’s sort of like the Range Rover of Motorcycles and I guess that makes my Futura sorta like a 7 Series BMW.  By comparison, I HATED the Futura when I bought it.  I thought it rode like an Italian Postman’s scooter and made noise like a brand new Japanese sewing machine.   I also hated how  my helmet was blown around at speed.  I love the brakes, the quality of materials and the handling.  After a bunch of modifications and improvements I grew  slowly love the Futura  and rode that sucker on two back to back trips totalling over 11,000 miles.  The saddle is absolutely perfect and you can ride and ride and ride that thing all day long.

I bought the Caponord on a whim.  I saw a silver one in New Hampshire after Laconia last year, and  a black one at the Aprilia dealer in  Texas last  fall.  Like most Aprilias, sightings are few and far between.  I bought this bike in December from a fanatical owner.  It was perfect down to the air pressure in the tires.  I’m a smidge over six feet tall and at times I was tippy toed on this thing.  It’s WAY off the ground.

In fact, on the way back to my Brother’s house I stopped at an intersection on a hill and lost my balance.  There is a point when you realize the bike’s leaned over to far for you to pickup and you are going to have to put it down.  That realization always sucks and seems to last forever.  I gently, gently lowered the bike to the pavement and went to step off.  I tangled a foot on something and went absolutely flying.  I fell over the curb and down an embankment!  Really!  The bike is laying in the middle of the road and I’m face down in the grass.  Humiliating would mildly describe how I felt.  Thankfully there was no one about to see this display of grace and skill.  Here I am, the hard-core rider.  I’ve ridden coast to coast, I’m a badass.  Lying on the grass trying to get back on my feet.  Too funny.  I picked up the bike with that embarrassed strength one seems to gain in those situations and thankfully the bike did not have a scratch on it.  Ahhh yes, Dr. Gravity, most unrucky.

After that lovely experience I made a few modifications to the Caponord.   I replaced the grips and lights to factory OEM, and adding bungee loops for my Motofizz bag.  I then rode the absolute shit out of the bike – over 4000 miles in less than a month – hello Key West!

I hope it’s not a sign of getting senile, but I’m starting to really prefer the Caponord to the Futura.  If I could swap the seat and brakes from the Futura to the Capo I think I’d have the perfect motorcycle.  Then again I may just sell them both and get the new Triumph Tiger or the Ducati Multistrada.

Here are a few reviews of both motorcycles:

Aprilia Futura RST 1000:

Aprilia Caponord ETV 1000:

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  1. November 22, 2010 5:55 pm

    Interesting that you found the ‘Nord so tall. I just purchased one that had been lowered (PO replaced the OEM dogbones), and at 5’7″ I can flatfoot it. Hard to imagine it was really that much taller before we got it. ‘Tis a tad heavy, though. I agree with your characterization as a two wheeled Land Rover. I think it is an excellent all ’rounder. As you say, they’re about as common as hen’s teeth; so it’s a good thing this bike is well made. Our nearest dealer is about 6 hours ride from here…

    • November 22, 2010 7:09 pm

      Why do you think your bike was lowered? It’s seriously tall. I’m 6.1, my bike has HyperPro front and rear springs and the preload is maxed out – IT’S TALL! Six hours? Where do you live?

  2. November 22, 2010 9:46 pm

    We’re in Santa Fe, NM. Nearest dealer is up in the Denver area. If I were already making the trip, I’d probably go up to Fort Collins to Beemers and More.

    I thought about a Futura as the replacement for my often-missed Sprint ST 955i. But we ended up with different options, no Aprilia dealer nearby, until we just got the ‘Nord at the local BMW dealer (traded in my Tiger to buy their on-trade-in CapoNord). I thought the Futura might put me a bit more upright than the Sprint, which was the only compelling reason for me to get off the Sprint. I’m kinda sorry we never got to try the Futura, but both my wife and I are so pleased initially with the CapoNord that it doesn’t matter.

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