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Me and Britney Spears, Beverly Hills Ducati and on the Green Hornet movie set

December 31, 2009

Note – this is a ride report that is ongoing and covers my October 2009 ride across the southern and western USA. There are a ton of stories on the blog and not all appear on the archive bar on the right side of the page. If someone is a blog genius I’d appreciate help with making the blog have better access to the archived stories. Also, there are gear reviews on helmets, boots, jackets, and gloves buried in the blog as well. I’m also in the process of writing DIY articles on performance modifications, trip tips and planning. Your help or thoughts on layout and presentation would be appreciated.

So where are we? In yesterday’s blog posting I trashed the famous motorcycle destination “The Rock Store” as an unsanitary hole in the wall. Nice. Today I’m heading to Beverly Hills Ducati, Bartels Harley Davidson, Venice Beach and the movie set of the new Seth Rogan Film – The Green Hornet.

After grabbing a quick sushi dinner we headed over to the closed set of the new movie Green Hornet. My friend Kevin is a long time movie industry veteran. Although he only had a general idea where the movie was being shot he quickly found the base camp for the production. We parked on the street and walked up to a mass of semi-trailers, mobile homes, caterers and support staff. There were a bunch of vans parked nearby. We walked up, hopped in and the driver took us directly, past police barricades, etc., to the set. The shoot tonight was a gang battle that ended up with the destruction of – you guessed it – a city bus. I have another friend who is the Assistant Director and was on set getting ready for the action sequences. I only have a few pictures as wandering around with a camera was not something that would help me blend in and I’d most likely be immediately put back in the van headed the other direction.

I’m guessing the black car with twin Gatling guns mounted to the hood (and its twin) is the Green Hornet’s ride?

The next day we went over to visit Beverly Hills Ducati. I bought a Ducati 749 (picture below) a while back with a Hollywood pedigree. The bike was purchased at Beverly Hills Ducati by Pop Tart Britney Spears as a gift for her brother. The brother (as the story has been related to me) had no interest in motorcycles. He did however, according to the storyteller, have interests in other more stimulating pursuits and pushed it back to BHD and sold it. I sold it about year and a half ago to pay for an engagement ring which in retrospect had an ending very similar to what Britney’s brother did with the bike.

Anyway, I thought stopping by would be cool and I could pick up a t-shirt. What I did not know until I checked out was the t-shirt cost $85.00! I was too shocked to hand it back and just slid my now smoking credit card across the counter. If you see me wearing a Beverly Hills Duck t-shirt please lie to me and say it looks very “distinguished” or some other bullshit.


I still lust after the DDRR but after spending time with the new Aprilia RSV-4 I’m not so sure I’d still have it versus the Aprilia, er, ah, make that 4 RSV-4’s or two and a trailer and Range Rover Classic, or…………. It goes on and on.

Later – Bartels Harley Davidson, Californication’s Venice Beach and more sightseeing

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  1. Mike permalink
    March 7, 2010 5:37 am

    Wow, this is Mike. I was to be the owner of the 749 but unfortunately we know how that turned up. Although the ski trip to Mountain Road made up for it!

    Very cool blog! Hopefully that ring is paid off by now!

  2. April 25, 2011 6:45 pm

    25 April 2011

    Today I met the guy in Boston at a hat shop who bought that 749 we will be headed out for some rides this year, LOL.

    • April 26, 2011 6:36 am

      Yeah, Greg is a great guy. I added all the extras on the bike. It’s absolutely beautiful.


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