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Cigar Review: Perdomo Habano Gordo

December 27, 2009

I fucking hate winter. I hate winter even more this year because I have nowhere to smoke a good cigar. In 2009, I shuttered a business I had been operating, closed up the house, and either sold or put my belongings in storage. I was never very fond of the house but had a great affection for my study. A small wood-paneled room with a small fireplace, book shelves, leather couches, my humidors, a big screen HDTV and audio gear. The room also had large picture windows with a view of the Vermont countryside. There was no better place to settle in for an evening or afternoon with good cigar.

My next favorite place to smoke a fine cigar is from behind the wheel of my 1961 Series IIA Land Rover station wagon. This is the finest vehicle I have ever owned. It’s unrestored and has turned from what once was a very bright shade of red to a lovely faded Nantucket red. Land Rover made hard tops and soft tops, mine has no top and it will never again be forced to choose – it’s a permanent no-top vehicle. This of course means that the vehicle operates in conditions in which it is well suited – perfect cloudless summer days, crisp fall afternoons when the leaves are bursting with color and the occasional indigo blue star filled evening. Perfection for me is a ride in “NTKTRED” with Vanilla my chocolate brown English Labrador Retriever riding in the back, a full tank of high-test, and a fine cigar.

The Perdomo Habano line is a blend of three different filler tobaccos grown in Nicaragua. Tobacco from Esteli, Condega, Jalapa are combined and the resulting cigar offers a fantastically creamy volume of smoke and a unique blending of flavors across the palette.  I like the Gordo because of the ring gauge – it’s 60 mm. That is about as big as cigars get these days. The draw is fantastic.  I keep mine a bit over humidified as I like a relatively deep cut on the Gordo and a cigar that is a bit dry may come apart when cut. I also like that the cigar starts well and improves as it burns. Some cigars take an inch to start developing and occasionally take an hour or so to really enjoy – not so with a Gordo. In short it’s a fantastic smoke.  I buy most of my cigars from J&R Cigar ( but for the Perdomo’s I go directly to my favorite local cigar chop in Albany, NY.  If you are close enough to stop by I highly recommend it.  The shop stuffed full to the gills with quality products that are all reasonably priced and they have a fantastic on-site smoking lounge upstairs.  The website is

Have a favorite you want reviewed?  Drop me a line.

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