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MotoFizz Seat Bag Review

November 17, 2009

Gear Reviews

MotoFizz Seat Bag – Medium

 So far this year I’ve ridden over 12,000 miles on my Aprilia Futura. I’ve used a variety of gear and want to post my impressions on the gear I’ve used. Some of the gear worked well some failed miserably and over the course of the next few articles I’ll go into detail each piece. On my first trip I used a Tourmaster Cortech Tail Bag. I kept saying “damn, if this thing was just a little bit bigger it would be great” so I decided to give the MotoFizz tail bags sold by Aerostitch a try.

 Apparently I made the same mistake that countless others have when purchasing a MotoFizz bag – I bought a large. The large should actually be renamed “Gigantic” as it really is too big for just about everyone who is sport touring. I think you could easily fit three full size helmets in the thing. I called Aerostitch and ordered another in a medium size. Medium is just about perfect for an extended trip. I’ve just returned from breaking mine in over a 38 day road trip that covered 6,700 miles. I had my MotoFizz completely filled as follows. The end bags contained my miscellaneous gear including an electric air pump, bungee cords, headlamp, and a bottle of Daves Total Insanity hot sauce I picked up in San Diego. As I was out for a long while the bag was totally expanded and totally filled with stuff. I ride an Aprilia Futura and use the hard bags as follows – the left side is for camping gear (everything fits in one bag) the right side is clothing. The MotoFizz held my rain gear, microfiber shower towel, maintenance and repair stuff, a pair of chukka boots, a full size road atlas, sweat shirt, cargo pants, a bottle of illegal Cuban “Havana Club” rum I picked up in Tijuana, flip flops, a travel cigar humidor, a brick sized Lonely Planet travel book of the USA and a few assorted T-shirts I picked up along the way. This stuff resulted in a completely filled bag.

The MotoFizz attachment points are plastic quick release buckles. The bag comes with straps that attach to your bike then clip onto the bag. I had bungee buddies installed on the Futura’s bags and setting up the straps was very easy. Without these attachment points I think I would have been struggling with finding suitable attachment places. The bag itself has loops at the attachment points. This keeps the bag from sliding around and I expect if it came loose from the buckle connection keep the bag from falling off. The problem with the loops is that the angles the attaching straps came off my bike to the bag were not exactly right and I could not cinch the bag down enough. So after a few days I just abandoned them and connected right to the buckles. As has been said before the rain cover is a joke and mine disappeared about 2 minutes after I put it on and returned to the interstate. During the first part of the ride I rode through some rain showers but the bag never got soaked so I would not worry too much unless it’s a sustained downpour. The bag is an excellent choice for adventure or sport touring and I would highly recommend it for anyone looking for luggage. Aerostitch has excellent customer service and I think that for the quality of the bag the price is very fair.


Bulletproof construction

Expandable sides

Carry handle

Bungee cord web on the top is great for storing stuff

Water bottle holder

Interior straps that help the bag keep its shape

See you later rain cover

Buckle on the external cinch broke

Inner mesh pockets need Velcro to keep items in.

Would like to see adjustable webbing on the bag ends to adjust how far they open.


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  1. msg permalink
    May 4, 2010 11:39 am

    Excellent review, thanks for sharing!
    reviews and write-ups like this with the photos really help when you’re shopping for stuff you can’t get your hands on.


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